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ONE SQUARE METRE is a member only real estate development INVESTMENT platform. We provide members with investment opportunities in high quality and curated real estate. Investment in property through offer return of up to 25% on an annual basis. ONESQM™ provides two classes of real estate investment, these are: 

Investing in RTO-CF simply means you are investing in loan granted to accredited developer for construction of residential real estate. you will earn a guaranteed return for a specified period usually two years.

Investment in RTO-CF scheme provides a GUARANTEED return. The return is paid on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. The investment tenure spans 720-1000 day.

Investor return is derived from interest charged developer.

This investment option is appropriate for investors who are risk averse and prefer guaranteed above market cash return on their investment.

Investing in RTO-CA simply means, you own a part of the developed units, this is RENTED & MANAGED by nominated facility manager. The title document to the property is held by nominated TRUSTEE; Union trustee on behalf of “LANDLORDS”.

Investment in RTO-CA provides you with cash flow and Capital appreciation. You invest in developed units, we will engage and manage tenants. Investor enjoy cash flow from rental, and Capital appreciation at the disposal of the property.  The return is paid via RENTAL INCOME from the property on quarterly basis and Lump sum payment on disposal of the property.
The projected return for RTO-CA is a sum of the annual rental (5-10%) return paid annually and capital appreciation (10-15%) at the end of investment period.

This investment option is appropriate for investors who would want to have the dual benefit of regular cashflow and some level of capital appreciation. This investor group understand the risk related to fluctuation in rental income but also understand that capital appreciation component compensate for this risk.

This product provides up to 25% return on investment per year, however, the interest and the principal is paid LUMP-SUM at the end of investment period. RTO-LS PROVIDES UPTO 75% RETURN at the end of the third year. The investment is held for a minimum duration of three years and cannot be liquidated.

(Investor purchasing this product are investing in loan granted to accredited developers, this fund is primarily deployed for infrastructural development within new site and service estates)

This investment option is appropriate for investors who do not require immediate cashflow and have medium to long term view. It provides significant level of capital appreciation without the immediate cashflow return. Return on this investment is realized only at maturity.


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