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Why you should participate

The investors in ONESQM™ real estate projects are buying fractional ownership of all projects and will earn enormous benefits from their secured investments. These benefits include but are not limited to

Referral Earnings

Opportunity to earn further return on referral of buyers

Healthy ROI

Highly rewarding venture with very competitive return on investment of up to 25%

Portfolio Diversification

Healthy diversification of your investment portfolio

Reduced Risk

This is due to the fractional ownership of the investment asset i.e. individual investor has minimal exposure depending on the number of units purchased but with returns that can only be achieved with larger size investment.

Assets at Reduced Price

Access to a pool of real estate assets at discounted price. (Investors in ONESQM™ projects are offered the property at discounted price).

Inflation Proof

Inflation proof investment as property appreciation has historically been ahead of inflation rate.

Consistent Rental

Opportunity for consistent and ongoing rental return.


Earn up to 25% ROI

Secured Asset-Backed Real Estate Investments

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