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Partnership Scheme

The developer scheme allows real estate developers who meet the criteria participate in the rent to own scheme. Such a developer must have a ready stock of developments unsold. The scheme takes the available properties and offer them to registered potential subscribers on the scheme. Upon full subscription, the developer executes a deed transferring the asset to the trustees and receives payment.

Why the developer scheme

Our goal is to increase the residential housing stock and help people live their dream. We understand that developers are willing but sometime are restricted by poor uptake of residential properties. We aim to bridge this gap by providing liquidity within the mix.

Developers interested in joining the scheme should kindly fill the partnership form. Our property sourcing specialist will be in contact within 5 working days for further discussion.

Corporate Partners Form
Individual Partners Form

Criteria for
property selection

The property must be located in a location that fits our rental target
The property must have valid, verifiable and transferable documents.
The property must not have any encumbrance.
The developer must be willing to offer significantly below market discount.
The property must meet the stringent quality criteria of RTO.
The property must meet the pricing range for the scheme.
The unit must be completed or near completion.

Earn up to 25% ROI

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