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Registration and Security
  1. Agree to the terms and conditions. Confirming that you understand the DISCLAIMER and potential risk in real estate investment opportunities.

  2. Start your membership registration by completing the registration form with your valid email address which will be required to verify your account.

  3. Once your account is created, you will receive a verification email with a link to activate your account. The link is only active for 24 hours after which it will become inactive and you may need to request for the verification email to be re-sent to your email account.


Investment Opportunities
  1. Carefully review of all project options. Project documentation including project description, relevant contracts and project specific information can be viewed via the project virtual data room. Should you require further clarification, you can contact ONESQM™

  2. Decide on the specific projects you will be buying into, Click on the buy now tab and fill the project specific information required including your payment option. Make payment via our secured online payment gateway or make direct bank transfer to independently managed ONESQM™ bank account. (Where direct bank transfer is done, please update ONESQM™ at with your payment).


Payments & Documentation
  1. Upon confirmation of your payment, your investment amount is reflected in your dashboard where you can view and follow up on your project. If payment is done via bank transfer or any other means apart from the instant online payment, It will take about 2-5 working days for your dashboard to be updated.

  2. Download all relevant documents, contracts, insurance certificates and receipt of payment from your dashboard for your record. (We advise that you also download and keep hardcopies).


While You Wait...
  1. Wait for the project funding goal to be reached and receive update on the project. To review our policy on project funding goal please see How We Manage Risk

  2. Spread the news by clicking on share button to invite people within your network to share in the investment opportunity.

  3. Coming Soon: You can log on to the member services portal to view profile of other member, view the profile of tenants, you can request for your loyalty card. You may also request to speak with the fund managers, trustee or customer service officer attached to you.


Receive Rent & Re-invest
  1. Receive your RENT (interest return and principal at the end of the tenure)

  2. Rollover or reinvest in a new project that will be communicated via our newsletter, social media platforms or via the personal ONESQM™ dashboard.

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